October 18, 2011

A Request From Mom

I asked my mom to get me some "Oregon" yarn for my birthday this year (it's in less than a week). I grew up in Portland, but live in South Carolina now, and having yarn from home makes me happy.  One of my favorite Oregon yarns is Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  They have beautiful colorways, and many are named after places in Oregon so I love it even more.

Anyway, while Mom was at Twisted (a fab Portland yarn store) she took these pics and sent them to me with a request to make her something like this for Christmas.  What she doesn't know is I'm already making her a shawl for Christmas (I'll show you it in another post) but I can't say no to Mom, so I'm going to try and design her some pretty fingerless gloves as well. 

I'm going to unravel this wool Old Navy sweater for the yarn.  I LOVE recycling sweaters for yarn because you get so much for so little!  I think this cost me $4.50.

I'm going to make her fingerless gloves in a lace pattern, but I haven't decided yet which pattern to use. I've been looking through some of my books tonight and I'm leaning towards this pattern.  I like the lace and texture combo.

I think I'll do the cuff and top edging in a simple ribbing and use this for the body.  What do you think?  If I come up with something great I promise to share it with all of you. 

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